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Puppies under 6 months


Come in to the studio for a free initial training session with a trainer to learn how to set your puppy up for training success!

We include tips on kennel training and potty training at our puppy consultation sessions.

($80 value)


A personalized and professional training program to helping you get the most out of your dog. Private training requires the owners to do a lot of the work at home. Please be prepared to change how you live with your dog to best utilize the training tools you will learn at Follow Me K9.


Each client will receive a "Rules For Success" informational sheet after the first session. These rules and doing your homework are vital to your dog's success.

  • 3 session package - the basics, handling, potty training, crate training, sit, down, come, marker words, how to teach your puppy, and more - we cover at least as much in these as you would get out of a 6 or 8 week course at a pet store. One session is in home or at an alternate location.  $240 

    • (Additional Charges may apply if distance to your home is over 30 minute drive.)

  • Have a foster puppy?  Training is FREE to help dogs find and stay in their forever homes. ​​


Sessions will take approximately one hour.

Pack Walks

Pack walks are offered to clients only.  The client must have completed a package of sessions and have a good understanding ​of handling and how to work your puppy through problems before they can attend. We always have our trainer at these events that can help you through difficulties. 

We believe in building a bond with your puppy and teaching them how to engage with you and then introducing them to the group setting. 

If you would like to participate, please let your trainer know.  If you are a client, please join our "FMK9 Client Community" group on Facebook for times and locations of the pack walk. 


$20 per pack walk. Please inform your trainer if you would like to attend. 


Day Training is a daycare program where your dog gets dropped off in the am, they get play time, training time, and walking time. I reinforce potty training, crate training, and structure. 

This is a great alternative to normal daycares. 

Private session 1x per week with your trainer. 

Puppies must have seen a vet and started their puppy vaccines as well as been dewormed at least twice.


$300/week or $1,000 per month.  If you are interested in long term solutions, please message me. 

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